Wednesday 28 May 2014

Bentley Continental GTC - 2010

Spotted outside the Jewelers Mappin & Webb in Manchester, the Bentley Continental GTC. This is the 6.0 W12 version of the car with 560bhp. 0-62 is covered in 4.8 seconds and the top speed is 195mph (314km/h).
I have never been a big fan of the Continental GT/GTC but it has been growing on me since my last trip to Bentley Manchester (in Knutsford). The new restyled version, with the new wheels, the extras on the V8S etc. have made this big coupe look much more attractive... Would I buy one over an Aston Martin DB9 though, ... probably not!

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Chevrolet Corvette C3 Convertible

An old classic today spotted in Sale, the Chevrolet Corvette C3 convertible. I haven't manage to access the actual year of production but this one has a 5.7 V8 engine and considering the look of the car, I would say early 80's. The V8 should produce 190bhp (When you think of the current output of V8 engines...) As far as performance is concerned, nothing 100% official but I reckon 0-62 in around 6.6 seconds and a top speed near 127mph (204km/h) if this is the L82 version of the engine.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Range Rover Sport Onyx

Spotted at the Trafford Centre, a new badge for the blog with a new preparation for Range Rover Sport today: Onyx. Not as common as Overfinch or Kahn, Onyx specialises in body kits, mainly for Range Rovers, Porsches and Bentleys. So under the (light) kit, we still have the Standard Range Rover.
Good for Cheshire people who want their Range Rover to look different from their neighbours'!

Sunday 11 May 2014

BMW M5 2000's

These pictures were taken last weekend while I was in Ireland. This is an early 2000 BMW M5 model. It has a 5.0 V8 engine which develops 400bhp. 0-62 takes 5.3 seconds and the top speed is limited to the usual 155mph or 250km/h. For a car nearly 15 years old, it still looks good!

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Insider 17 - Rolls Royce Wraith 2014

Today we are on-board the brand new coupe from Rolls Royce, the Wraith. The pictures were taken at the Bentley dealership in Wilmslow, where once again staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The Wraith was lauched at the end of 2013 and has a 6.6 V12 engine with 624bhp. 0-62 takes 4.4 seconds and the top speed is limited to 155mph or 250km/h. Strangely, the doors open the opposite way of what we would expect as the hinges are located towards the rear of the car rather than the front. As usual with Rolls Royce, refinement, quality and performance are all bundled up in one, and you still had your umbrella waiting for you, hidden away inside the front wing of the car!