Wednesday 22 August 2018

Ferrari F2X Longtail (Onyx) 2017

Something a little special today: a Ferrari F12 prepared by Onyx with its own name, F2X Longtail. When I first saw it, I thought this was one of the rare tdf because of the aero parts but as I got closer, I spotted the name and realised it was an after-market prepared F12 rather than a tdf. I had come across Onyx before but generally with Range Rovers or Bentleys, never with a Ferrari. 
So what did they do to create the F2X, well they added/changed quite a few pieces of the car body (bumpers, diffuser, splitter, spoiler, exhaust tips) They also changed the wheels, the suspension springs and the exhaust system and upgraded the power to 800bhp. The result is pretty impressive!