Saturday 19 October 2013

Ferrari 512BB 1970's

Seen this afternoon at the petrol station in Lymm, it is quite a rare car to see on the roads, a Ferrari 512BB from the late 1970's. I spotted it as I arrived at the petrol station and just had time for a snap from the rear before the owner left. The second picture was taken as he pulled away, while listening to the sound of the 4.9 straight 12-cylinder engine and its 360 horses! It isn't a Ferrari I have ever seen before and I had to search the web a bit to find the right one. Performance-wise, the 512BB is capable of competing with any modern supercar (well on paper at least!) with a 0 to 62 taking 5.5 seconds and best of all, a top speed of 187mph (302km/h)!!! Just over 900 of these were ever made, and as it isn't red or yellow, I like it even more!!!


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